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Take note.
Take Note is more than just another transcription company with an online platform and an ISO certification. We embrace technology, take care of our typists, and have honest upfront prices. Get an instant quote online now, or click on the icons to learn more about our bespoke services.

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Market research
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Have used is previously for notetaking, and was very, VERY happy.
They almost never have any need for notetaking or transcription but those were extraordinary circumstances. Rose was impressed by Grace W that she has already added us to their internal list of suppliers, specialists and experts.
Rose Farrel – Veale Wasbrough Vizards


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If only I had recorded that!
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After 9 loyal years, she’s hung up her typing gloves and nestled herself into retirement.
brendaWhile she’s looking forward to sharpening her skills on the golf course and spending more time with her family, we’re taking this time to reflect on everything she’s been through in her 9 years of service.
Brenda, this is your last hurrah in ‘limelight’. This is your life!
Over the years we’ve seen Brenda adopt different postures, haircuts and offices a number of times. Never afraid of change, nor calculated risk, Brenda has been the unfaltering deity of Take Note since we came out the starting blocks, through every change and evolution in technology since 2006.
The Beginning
Brenda first came on the scene as a young whippersnapper when Take Note was a 2 (wo)man show.
As the audio flooded through the letterbox, the floor was a sea of cassette players, Dictaphones, and floppy disks with alarms wailing throughout the day for each cassette that needed flipping. It was a picture of entrepreneurial chaos.
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Expand your business horizons with market research
Seek first to understand, then to be understood. (Dr Stephen Covey)
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Could I intern at Take Note?
We get the scoop from Take Note’s former interns, on what it’s really like to be on board at TN HQ!
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Expand your business horizons with market research
Every business relies on market research to monitor consumer trends and predict behaviour. In order to identify USPs and key selling points, to meet demand and maximise ROI, you need a clear view of the landscape so that decision makers can determine the best means to grow. Market research itself is a growth industry, as modern communications, technology and software developments afford an unprecedented insight into consumer and market behaviour.
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